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The pathogenic bacterium, Pasteurella multocida, is present on all pig farms. It is localized in nasal cavities and adenoids. Certain strains are responsible for progressive atrophic rhinitis and others are responsible for primary pasteurellosis.

Clinical Signs +

The symptoms of pasteurellosis are very similar to those of subacute to chronic suppurative pneumonia: cough, dyspnea, difficulty breathing, fever and weight loss.

Diagnosis +

Bacteria in lung lesions must be cultured so that the laboratory can identify the infection's etiology, and to determine the pathogenic agent's sensitivity or resistance to antibiotics.

Treatment +

Antibiotic treatment is often deceptive as it is difficult to obtain an optimal antibiotic concentration in terms of the purulent pulmonary lesions.

Consult a veterinary doctor before administering antibiotics and vaccines to the animals.

Your veterinarian is the best person to talk to for recommendations that are right for your farm.


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